Friday, 5 April 2013

Our visit to the clinic. Part the First.

First, I want to say that I think I love, love, love our RE.  She is funny and nice and when she took my medical history and heard I'd had a miscarriage she said "that sucks" which to me is exactly the right thing to say, because it does and it did.  And there are no right words to make it better.

I am a little annoyed that she seems to be pregnant herself, but about 4 or 5 months along... I will try not to hold this against her as she pushes her 8 month belly into my face at our next appointment.

She wants us to try, with miliatary precision for the next 3 months again.  I don't know what it is about the 3 month waiting period but all the doctors seem to want to prescribe that first.  It is mostly because we did get pregnant within 6 months even if it didn't stay.  She was less enthusiastic about my AMH numbers than my doctor was, she thinks my doctor might have checked the wrong units, so she's ordering that again.  My husband is quite relieved that his sperm is very normal and he can go back to his Y fronts.... I think the ones I bought him are much sexier... maybe i can make an argument for boxer briefs.

Right now we have blood work ordered and I have to do a follicle test on day three.  So, i'm sitting here hoping my period makes an appearance early enough today that I can have the test done on Sunday morning rather than Monday.  I don't want to fight through traffic to get to the clinic on a weekday if i can help it and my husband would come with me on Sunday which would be nice.  I like when he's there.  He makes me smile. 

I don't think i've ever wanted my period to come so badly.  I mean I shouldn't be hoping right, until it does there is still a chance that I could be pregnant.  But I've pretty much given up that hope this month because my temperature has been a little bit lower the last couple of days.  I"m pretty sure it was 36.26 this morning... but i took it in the middle of the night and i sometimes dream that I do that.  And when I took it when i woke up this morning it was 36.5 but I had been awake for about 5 minutes and snuggling with my hot blooded husband.   He's nice to snuggle.

We decided to go out for dinner last night to celebrate the fact that we won't have to pay for any fertility treaments for at least 3 months and we went to the Keg.  The Keg is a Canadian chain that is sort of an upscale steak house.  My husband ordered prime rib but instead got brought a sirloin.  We only just politely asked what we had and they tried to replace his meal.  I pointed out that my husband didn't really care what kind of meat he had as long as it wasn't made of soy.  They sent over the manager to make sure we were ok and she comped us his meal and a dessert each for the mix up.  I want to say that The Keg has the BEST customer service of any restaurant that I have ever been to.  They bend over backwards to make sure you enjoy your dinner and that is one of the reasons my husband and I go so often.

Plus if you say "How are you?" they respond "I am well, Thank you for asking", which is so cute it makes me giggle. 


  1. It is SOOO important to love your RE. Makes a HUGE difference. I'm glad you found someone you like.

    1. I looked up the reviews for her online and expected to like her, but never expected to like her so much. She's amazing (despite being pregnant herself, i will forgive her for this if she can rub off on me). And already I have been impressed with her follow up on actually checking results before we stumble back into the office like some doctors do.