Thursday, 25 April 2013

My ICLW introduction post 4 days late (just like i wish my period was)

This week I am participating in International Comment Leaving Week for the first time.  I am new to blogging and this week has been amazing to get to read so many other peoples journeys.  Each of us is at different places and have different struggles.  I have found some incredible new blogs to read and have read parts of each and everyone one on the list so far.

This has, however, made me realize that I FAILED EPICALLY because it seems that it would have been nice to take the time to actually introduce myself to anyone stopping by for the first time.

We are at the start of our journey.  We have been TTC for 13 heartbreaking months.  For my 39th birthday we got the gift we were waiting for. 

You know that really irritating home pregnancy test commercial that starts "Don't you wish you could know you are pregnant as soon as it happens?"  Well I did.  On my 39th birthday I had the most vicious awful cramps.  I had some light bleeding.  It was all exactly 7 days post ovulation.  Then the bleeding stopped.  I felt every single symptom I should.  I just KNEW I was pregnant.

When I finally took a home pregnancy test 6 days later, 1 day before my period my husband actually NODDED AT ME AND WENT BACK TO READING HIS BOOK.  Because as far as he was concerned, we had known for a week already, he couldn't understand why I was telling him again. 

That was my momentous reveal.  

We are no longer pregnant.  But he has learned that if we ever get pregnant again that nodding is not an acceptable response.

My husband and I are older, I am still 39 for a few months, my husband is 44.  We are aware of the constantly ticking clock.  Our time is passing.  We found each other late in life and have been married less than a year.  We both want children.  We hope that we will be one of the lucky ones.

We have consulted with an RE but because i did get pregnant within 6 months of trying she wants so to try for a minimum of another 7 cycles after the miscarriage before we start anything more  intensive.  We are in the middle of cycle 5.  Our next appointment with the RE is at the end of July. 

Our fertility struggles are complicated by my diagnosis and treatment for adrenal Cushing's and now it looks like hypothyroidism. 

Currently we share our home with a small black cat who begrudgingly allows us to use the bedroom between 11pm and 7am... but going to bed early or waking up late results in caterwauling like you wouldn't believe.    

So, that is my introduction, my story in a nutshell.    Thank you to everyone for sharing your stories with me.


  1. Good luck to you honey. I hope it happens soon for you, and that your medical problems smooth out for you!

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. I know from experience how heartbreaking that can be after you've been waiting for so long. The good news I took from mine is that you CAN get pregnant, which is a huge step in the right direction. I hope it happens again naturally for you in the next couple cycles!

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog. A similar thing happened to a friend of mine, getting pregnant on her own after many months, miscarrying, and being told she had to wait a long time for treatments because now she was technically "fertile." I remember how hard it was for her! I hope you are able to move forward with the RE and get the results you want.

    1. To make it worse my GP is all "You better get started with some aggressive treatment. You are old."

  4. Oh I am so sorry for your loss but glad to know a little more about you. I can only imagine how hard that experience was but I hope there is at least a little comfort in knowing you were able to get pregnant. Not that it makes the wait any easier.

    I will be sending lots of baby dust your way and wishing your dreams come true!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I can't imagine going through that and then being told to wait some more. I'm sending lots of baby dust your way. I hope your IVF journey is short and sweet, and I look forward to following along!

  6. Nice to meet you. I'm sorry about your miscarriage. I hope you can fulfill your dreams of becoming parents very soon. Thanks for dropping by my blog & Happy ICLW.

  7. Stopping by for ICLW. Better late than never, right? I'm sorry to hear about your loss. And your journey. Really hoping you find the quickest and easiest way to bringing home your baby. All my best!

  8. I just stumbled onto your blog a few days ago, and this is fascinating! I'm old too but my RE knew better than to say it. I'm assuming that all of his patients are anyway, and that if they could've tried earlier, then they would.