Sunday, 14 April 2013

Money, Money, Money... it's a rich man's world

My husband and I never fight.... truly... never...  but tonight was a different story.  Money is of course foremost in our minds these days.  We have some debts of course... and they all stem to a single event. Our wedding.

Our wedding was beautiful.. complete with horse drawn carriage and a wedding by a pond.  But was this because I was a demanding diva from hell insisting on everything being perfect?  Uh.. not a chance.  I was pushing to elope but my husband needed a wedding.  See, he comes from a broken home, but not just a simple parents divorced kind of broken home... his mother left the communist country that they lived in and he didn't see or hear from her for a decade.

Finally, she sent for him.  He moved in.  She left again two weeks later leaving him with relatives in a country where he didn't speak the language.  A year later she sent for him again... this time to Canada.  His third country and third language in a year he moved to CAnada at the age of 13.  He didn't see or speak to his father for a decade.

My husband needed a white wedding, he needed his Norman Rockwell moment that was picture perfect and I needed to make that dream come true.  And we did.

We have different approaches to money.  Mine is a save now buy when we can afford it sort of approach while he believes very much that we can just put things on credit and pay them off one day.  So tonight it comes to a head.  I am insisting on living quite abstemiously and paying of our debt and starting to put money away for our fertility treatments in the months until we start.  My husband wants to go and buy things that aren't necessities.  Please, tell me we aren't the only ones who fight about money!

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