Friday, 31 May 2013

Ford Nation to the Rescue!

We have a fetus to greet us!

As of today young Shmily is no longer an embryo... he... she... it.... is officially a fetus... at least he is according to several on-line baby books.  I am very impatiently counting down the days until tuesday when we get our first glimpse and first reassurance that the baby is ok.  It is a good thing I have a years worth of 2-week waits behind me to teach me how to be a little bit patient. 

The one really brilliant thing that has helped has been the distraction created by the mayor of Toronto Rob Ford.  We don't actually live in Toronto... we are suburbanites... but the distraction and constant breaking of new news on this story is brilliant.  Mayor apparently filmed smoking crack, denies it... his whole staff quits... tries to have documents shredded... may have sent someone to get the film... shooting in the apartment where film is reportedly stored...Brother was a major hash dealer in the 90's... Crazy.  Assed.  Shit.  I have watched soap operas with less involved plots.  There are many who think it is a reality version of The Wire. 

I can't help myself but I am hooked... the man is such a buffoon... refusing to answer questions... refusing to make such clear statements as "i have never done crack".  He is making it perpetually worse on himself.  I have to refresh the news every 20 minutes to make sure I don't miss something. 

I never thought I would be grateful for Rob Ford... but he is certainly filling in the time between now and my ultrasound.  Now, don't judge me too harshly... I avert my eyes at actual train wrecks... i do have sympathy for those in a tough position... but Rob Ford... I just can't.  All he has to do is play nice with the media and this sideshow would go away...


  1. Lol... I can totally relate. Watching this whole Rob Ford thing has been an excellent distraction from the more challenging aspects of life for me, as well. Can't wait for the shitty made for tv movie!!!

    I'm waiting impatiently for Tuesday for you!!! I'll be stalking as much as I possible can that day. What time is your appointment?

  2. Thank you Catwoman... the appointment isn't until 3:30 on Tuesday... assuming they're running on time by then... I will be sure to let you know as soon as we do... i can't wait! All i can say to my husband every 5 minutes is "i hope Shmily is ok... i can't wait to see shmily... i'm nervous about tuesday...are you excited about tuesday..."... he's going to be glad when I change my conversation slightly!