Friday, 24 May 2013

Job offers and tight pants.

It is cold here today... a chilly 4 C outside, but rather than sensibly wearing pants that covered my legs I am in a sun dress and jacket because my pants were just not comfortable wearing them today.  I am choosing to believe that this is because my belly is starting to bloat (and not because I ate too much fast food on our drive to New York last weekend).  It has taken me by surprise how quickly this happened.  Suddenly buying maternity clothes last weekend doesn't seem like quite as early as it did.  I am surprised at how quickly this has come up.  I mean I can still fit in them... but not comfortably. And it was so flustered because we were running late that I just tore off the pants and grabbed the first dress that I saw. I am starting week 8 today. 

In other news my current contract is due to expire at the end of July.  My boss had mentioned to me that he wanted to extend it for a year... the man has his shit together because I got handed a new contract this week.  The good news is that he likes me enough to keep me around... the bad news is that I feel compelled to tell him about my pregnancy before i sign the new contract.  I know that legally I am not required to tell him, and believe me if the man was any sort of bad boss i wouldn't tell him, but i do feel compelled to let him know because he has been so kind and respectful of me and so helpful and wonderful to work for.  I in no way expect this to affect the terms of the contract. 

I think it is way, way, way too early to share this sort of thing with your boss... that's the only problem.  There still like a 10% chance that this pregnancy will not make it to happy healthy baby.  And as much as I like my boss I don't know if I want to discuss all of the details.  However, i am supposed to sign my contract by Monday.  So I don't really know what else to do. 

Any advice?


  1. I was super bloated in the first tri with all of my pregnancies. I'm sure that's why your pants are tight- no relation at all to the fast food binge...

    I wish I had some advice for you- it can't be easy to be in a contract situation while pg. Do you think he would renew you for six months instead of a year if you told him of your pregnancy? That would be ideal...

  2. You are not legally obliged to say anything. If you did, he might be great about it, but he also might not... Volunteering information can hurt you, so I wouldn't mention anything.

  3. I have to agree with Lauren. While you may have a good working relationship with him, I don't think that means that you should have to share the news earlier than you are comfortable with. If it were me, I would sign the contract (if that's what you want to do), and tell him only when I was ready, explaining that I wasn't ready to tell anyone sooner because we were still in the early stages. I would think most people would understand that.

    Good luck, whatever you do. And congrats on week 8!!!

  4. Sometimes telling them early is the best thing! I have to have a talk with my boss on Tuesday about going out for a work cucle(21 days which is 7 working shifts for me) for the FET in July. Then they will immediately know if I'm pregnant or not since ill come back to light duty or full duty. :) it might just be better and make YOU feel better telling him now. Good luck. :)

  5. I am looking at this from a bosses perspective. I would tell him. I always appreciate honesty and it is so frustrating to make business decisions without all the information. I think that if you don't tell him and he learns later he will resent you.... Also, you will feel better not having to worry about his reaction. I would hand him the signed contract and then say, "I need to tell you something"

  6. That's tough! I didn't tell when I was pregnant, but when we found out we would be miscarrying, I ended up telling anyway (because I thought I might end up missing work as a result). The odds of negative repercussions were small for me, though; not sure what I would do if there were a bigger risk.

    Good luck!