Wednesday, 22 May 2013

New York, New York

Monday was a holiday in Canada and my husband and I took advantage by leaving Canada as quickly as we possibly could.  We made it a 4 day weekend and we made a run for the border early Friday.

One of the biggest problems with traveling to the states is the high cost of an international data plan, leaving my internet addicted husband twitching in pain.  We thought we had solved this problem last year when we went to the states by getting my husbands phone unlocked and purchasing him an american SIM card.  However, we discovered that after 3 months of non-use his card was canceled.  This meant that as we crossed the border in buffalo we had no GPS, no WAZE software and no way to guide us to our destination.

As a result our little road trip ended up being much longer and more scenic than we had hoped for.  But, eventually we managed to find our shopping mecca - the outlet stores.  I made a few purchases from motherhood maternity... and I am hoping I am not jinxing anything.  Unfortunately this pregnancy has already managed to change my breasts a cup size... and has also put me out the size range of bras available at the maternity stores... so I have no idea what I am going to do in 8 months time.  I did manage to find a larger bra at a plus sized store... but I am going to be in a bind in a few months.  I also bought 3 pairs of pants, 4 maternity shirts and a dress.  I feel strange buying things so early but the sales clerk said she had already had a woman in there who was due February 7th... I mean she wouldn't even have missed her period yet would she?? 

We stayed overnight in Binghamton New York.  It seemed like a good stopping place and using the WiFi at a McDonalds enroute my husband found a hotel with good reviews.  When we got there we discovered that it was graduation weekend at the local community college and the only room left was going to cost us $200.  By this time we were exhausted and forked over the money.  The bed was awful and neither of us slept well.

Saturday morning we hurried on towards Piscataway New Jersey where our friends live.  Mission number 1 for my husband on arriving there was to buy a new SIM card.  He truly is addicted.  Our friends, 1 a graduate student at Rutgers university and his 4.5 month pregnant wife (who can't work in the states because she has no visa), had no spare beds so we spent two very uncomfortable nights sleeping our couches. We visited New York finally on Sunday, but it poured rain all weekend and was miserable for doing much more than touring Madam Toussauds (My husband loved it - weird guy). 

We are keeping very hush hush on this pregnancy because we are so afraid of miscarriage again.  As a result I spent the whole weekend pretending not to be pregnant but using the pregnancy of our host as cover for needing an early nights sleep "Oh, we don't want to keep you up, you must be exhausted.  Pregnancy makes you really tired I hear."  Hopefully they don't know.

All in all a very successful little vacation.  I feel much more comfortable in my new bras...although I am noticing tops are getting a little tight and I am wondering if i have enough lose fitting tops to get me through the first trimester. 


  1. Glad you got to get away for the weekend!

    1. Thank you... it was nice to have some alone time trapped in a car with my husband. He is the only person I could sit beside for 12 hours and not want to kill at the end of it. :)

  2. It sounds like you had a really nice weekend away (though I'm sorry about the rain!) I don't know if they have Lady Grace where you are, but my friend ended up in the 38G range, and she found some nice ones there.

    1. Ok... i'm going to blush when i say this... but I started at a G cup... i've already graduated to an H. I just discovered that amazon carries I's and J's but I have all these ethical problems with amazon as a country so my husband is torturing me over whether or not I should actually buy anything from there.