Friday, 3 May 2013


There is nothing subtle about the season changes in Southern Ontario.  The weather can go from snowy and bleak to full sunshine and short weather almost overnight.  Spring/Summer has finally arrived.  Our spring was sort of anemic.  It varied from snowy and cold to rainy and bleak.  Then, sometime in the last few days the sun mustered all it's courage and has finally decided to stay.

It is a glorious time of year.  It is one of my favourite times of the year.  Before it is muggy and too hot to move.  Before they start to give humidex warnings in the 40's (Just to be clear for any non metric users 40 to 45 Celcius is about 104 to 114 F) (I just learned that humidex is primarily a Canadian phenomenon.  They use it the same way you use windchill, it's how hot the temperature feels because of the humidity). 

today is the day to play hookey and eat outside.  We decided to buy a new bbq last night and I foresee steaks and burgers in our future nearly nightly for the next few weeks as we test it out.

There is nothing better than good weather to lift your spirits and make up for a crappy day. 


  1. Ahhh, steak and burgers sound amazing!! I agree that good weather can make everything seem brighter. It's been really nice here, too. I'm not a huge outdoorsy person (unless it involves the beach!), but this weather makes me want to get outside. Like you said, before it gets too hot to move. Interesting about humidex, by the way! It's nice to learn something new :)

    PS: 104-114 sounds pretty horrible!

  2. Totally agree!! Enjoy the beautiful weather!

  3. I'm in southern Ontario as well... it's AWESOME outside right now! I practically leap out of bed in the morning, which is in sharp contrast to my sluggish nature all winter long.

    Though I have to say, we bbq all year long- even if we have to wade through three feet of snow to do it!!! ;)