Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The dilemma

This weekend is a long weekend in Canada (hurah!!!!).  And, despite the currently crappy, chilly temperatures will mark our unofficial launch of summer and cottages and drinking beer by the pool.  My husband and I have elected to visit some friends who live just outside of NY while he attends Rutgers University for his PhD. 

They are currently 6 months pregnant with their first child and we figure we are quickly going to lose our free place to crash just outside of NY in about 3 months time... so we had better take advantage.

It is a long drive for a long weekend.  Over 8 hours each way.  Once you figure in pee breaks every 2 hours or so it is going to take us quite a while to get there.  Originally we had decided that we would use the long weekend to do some cross border shopping.  I love a good bargain. 

Suddenly, however, I face a dilema.  What kind of clothes do I buy?  I feel like it is way too early, too much of a jinx to buy maternity clothes.  I will just be starting my 7th week... that said I've read that many women feel the need to change into nursing bras by about week 8.  And within a few weeks my pants will start to get tight.  I might be able to get away with my current wardrobe and dresses for a while... but will we end up making another cross border trip??

I am a big girl due to the cushing's and I feel that my selection of plus sized maternity wear are better in the states.  I have enough trouble finding bra's here as it is.  I can't imagine if I have to track down cup sized H, I or J (gulp!).

So, do I invest the money now... and worry about jinxing my pregnancy so early, or do I buy nothing and plan another trip in a months time?  It is quite a dilemma..although one I am very blessed to have right now.


  1. I completely get your fears about "jinxing" the pregnancy. Last time around, I didn't even buy/receive anything baby-related (including car seats and cribs!) until after the babies were born. That said, I was the total opposite with maternity clothes. I was in maternity jeans by 6 weeks--necessitated mainly because of the OHSS bloat--but full on maternity soon after. Of course, it was twins, so I probably showed sooner, but still...comfort is key, and bras/waistbands start getting tight surprisingly early! I think I'd take advantage of the opportunity to buy maternity clothes now. You'll be happy you did in just a few more weeks =)

    1. Ok, i will take your advice and "force" myself to shop. ;) I am sort of wondering if I am getting ahead of myself. With my miscarriage I had ordered a book on day by day pregnancy and it arrived the day after the miscarriage started...

  2. I was always very superstitious when it came to pregnancy as well. Even with my daughter, when I had yet to experience any losses! Logically, we know that shopping for maternity clothes has nothing to do with pregnancy outcome, but it still feels strange to be doing it early on. Do what feels comfortable to you, and enjoy your weekend! Think of me while you're relaxing- I have to work ALL WEEKEND!

  3. Oh Catwoman!! Sorry to hear you are stuck working. At least the weather isn't going to be too amazing around these parts. Hope you get some days off afterwards to make up for it.