Friday, 7 June 2013

How Sweet!

I'm all choked up!  I was very kindly named for the Super Sweet blogging award by CAM at Recipes for Lemons. I've seen this award circulating through a number of people in the ALI community but it is so sweet to have been recognized in this way. 

There are some rules I need to follow:

  • Thank the blogger that nominated you:  Dear CAM... Thank you.  This means a lot because I feel like I have only just started this li'l blog.. and it was something I was doing just for me.  To help me deal with everything we were going through.  To have someone read my blog was more than I ever expected.  To have you nominated me for anything that involves cupcakes is the highlight of my day! (Ok... confession... not that hard because I just spent an hour under my desk because our office was on lock down because someone was coming with a weapon... but we're safe now)
  • Answer 5 super sweet questions:
    Cookies or cake?: What is this "or" business??  Do I have to choose?  Fine...cookie.. or cake... one of them.
    Chocolate or vanilla?I am allergic to chocolate... it gives me migraines.  So I reluctantly pick vanilla... but I am really bitter about it.
    Favorite sweet treat?: Key Lime Pie
    When do you crave sweet things the most?: With a cup of tea.
    Sweet nickname?:   Man... that's hard...I'm not really a sweet nickname kind of person.  I guess my dad called me "Sweetie"... but usually when he was apologizing for something so it's not a name I ever liked.
  • Include the super sweet blogging award picture in your post: Ta Da!

  • Nominate 12 other bloggers
    • Sarah J from When is it my turn:  Sarah is currently in a two week wait after trying a new protoccol with her IUI.  I know Sarah has been struggling with how painful this journey has been for her and her husband.  I am hoping that next week she will get her BFP and she will know when her turn is.
    • CAM from Recipes for LemonsCAM nominated me and I want to return the favour.  She is an inspiration in so many ways.  She was pregnant not too long ago and shared a due date with me.  When she went to an ultrasound they discovered the baby had stopped developing.  I was crushed for her.  But she and her husband have taken this in their stride and are moving forward with making their family through adoption.  She is determined to be a mother and she will be. 
    • Catwoman 73 from Two Adults, One ChildCatwoman73 has a beautiful girl but is still coming to terms with the fact that her family won't be getting any bigger.  Although she did just adopt a really cute cat which is helping to give her the family she always wanted.
    • Kharini from My Fertility Blog:   This was the first fertility blog I ever found and she has been through so much.  She's currently working with an Egg Donor and Surrogate to give her the family she's always wanted and deserves and is hoping to do the first transfer before the end of the year.  Her kindness, sweetness and heart bleeds through the page with every log and I am so looking forward to the days that she finally gets to take home her family. 
    • Stupid Stork from Stupid StorkThis is probably the funniest blog I have ever read.  She has such a hilarious attitude towards life.  I look forward to a new post from her because I know she will have me in stitches.  I kind of want to stalk her in real life because I love funny smart women.
    • Knalani from The infertile ChemistThis is probably one of the most informative blogs out I've ever read as Knalani uses her chemistry background to breakdown the drugs that she's taking and how they interact.  She spends the time studying up on everything, learning all the statistics and reminds me of the nerdiest side of myself.
    • Mrs. E from ttcbabye3Mrs. E has conceived her baby 3!! And our due dates are 3 days apart.  I love updates because she often has pictures from her ultrasounds that make me feel like I get a sneak peek into what is going on inside my own uterus. 
    • Yeah, Science! from Yeah, ScienceIs a local blogger too who I found out shares my ultrasound clinic.  She just received news on her ultrasound that the baby has an echogenic bowel which can be a marker of trisomy 21 and CF but may also just be nothing.  She is currently waiting for results and hoping that everything is going to turn out ok. 
    • Lauren from On Fecund ThoughtLauren has recently suffered a miscarriage and is only just getting her body back on track from the experience.  She's struggling a bit I think in dealing with a SIL who is currently pregnant as she deals with her own loss.
    • Amber at Old Lady and No BabyAmber is also currently pregnant after loss and happily just got her second betas back showing a beautiful normal doubling.  I am so happy for her but recognize the same paranoid feelings about not 100% trusting that everything is going to be ok.  I think, like me, she is holding her breath until she gets to the 2nd trimester. 
    • Aramis at It Only Takes One:  This is another hilarious blogger.  She has gone through a lot of tests and is surrounded by overly fertile coworkers these days.  I have only just found her blog but I am glad that I have and I look forward to learning more about her journey.
    • Risa and Chris from Who Shot Down my Stork:  I want to nominate both Risa and her occasional guest blogger Chris for this.  I love when Chris blogs because too few men keep blogs and his insights allow me an insight into the things my husband might be feeling but doesn't tell me about. Risa is a fantastic blogger and she just shared the story of how they got together.  They seem like a perfect match for each other.
Wait... how is that already 12?  There's so many brilliant bloggers out there and they have given me a lot of inspiration and reasons to feel hope.  I love this community and am so glad that i have found them all.  The support that I have felt is amazing and I find myself looking forward to following all of these stories every day. 


  1. I had a heck of a time and felt guilty for leaving out all the ones I wanted to mention! I am breaking the rules next time!

    You so deserve this award, too btw!

    1. Thank you... yours is one of the other blogs i would have nominated... do you think people would notice if I had done 30 blogs?

  2. Holy moly - I'm glad you are safe from the weapons. That's a heck of a day!!

  3. Awww... thanks! Now I'll have to try to find some time to do the same... and picking 12 will be tough! There's so many awesome blogs out there!

  4. Aw, thanks ladypie!! Very honoured... and happy to see you nominated too! I keep seeing this On Fecund Thought blog everywhere so will have to check it out.