Tuesday, 18 June 2013

2nd Prenatal appt.

Yesterday was my second prenatal appointment.  My family practice is a teaching centre, so, with pregnancy you alternate between a full doctor and a resident for your monthly appointments.  Yesterday was my first appointment with my resident.  I am very touchy when it comes to doctors, they can be so hit or miss... sometimes they are so full of themselves that they put me off right away, they can be rude, or condescending or just give you a general feeling that they are incompetent.  I am always apprehensive when I meet a new doctor. 

I was pleasantly surprised.  My new resident is about 3 feet tall and just happy and bundles of energy.  I am a little concerned the baby might be bigger than her when it comes out but she seems very nice and very competent.  Now the trick is just to hope that Shmily makes an appearance when one of them is available.  I hate the idea of at the last minute getting someone that I don't like.

The appointment was very run of the mill.  They did NOT bring out the doppler and let me listen to my baby's heart, which was a huge disappointment, but they also decided they didn't need to do a pelvic exam which was a huge relief.  I hate those things. 

Generally everything looks good.  I've lost some weight so they were worried that I was vomiting too much but really I haven't thrown up much at all.  I am kind of glad that I have lost some weight because it means i can totally blame the baby for the fact that most of my clothes are getting tight and not because I had Indian food with a ton of naan for dinner on Sunday. 

The doctor also made me aware that on my ultrasound they had found a corpus luteum in my right ovary.  I had seen the notation on my ultrasound but didn't realize it was significant.  Apparently it is unusual (but not worrying) and can rupture at any time causing a lot of pain.  The resident didn't warn me about the pain, I wish she had because if I suddenly have agonizing pain I am going to worry a lot that something is wrong with the baby!  But The Google sorted me out.  Now at least I know what to expect.  Apparently they can rupture during sex and The Google doesn't recommend sex when you have one (uh... I'll think about that).

Next appointment is July 15th.  Next ultrasound is July 5th.  That ultrasound is the NT scan, one that will show us hopefully that everything is ok with the baby.  Fingers crossed.


  1. So funny, I also lost weight between my first and second appointments, but they didn't seem overly concerned. I've DEFINITELY gained since then and I'm sure you will too (just keep stuffing your face with those naans!). No idea what a corpus luteum is, but if it's not technically harmful to the baby, I'd say go ahead and get busy with the hubs -- you can't not have sex for 9 months, for heaven's sake! Plus add another 2 months of no sex after the baby is born... that's a lot of celibacy. :P

    1. RIGHT?? Forget that. If i didn't enjoy sex I wouldn't be in this position in the first place!

      The corpus luteum seems to be a cyst that develops from where the egg was released if it isn't reabsorbed right away. No harm to the baby at all from what I can tell.

  2. I had corpus luteum cysts with each of my pregnancies. And with my successful one, it disappeared in the second tri. I do know one girl who had to have a cyst removed while pregnant, and her baby was perfectly fine. No need to worry. I'm so glad everything is going along as it should. You're almost in the second tri!!!

    1. Yeah, I am not feeling to worried about it... but I imagine that if it were to rupture, not knowing what could be causing it, might send me into a tailspin of fear. I am looking forward to the second trimester... we are telling everyone this weekend... Mostly because the maternity clothes are coming out.