Monday, 17 June 2013

Double Digits

Last week was a bit of a crap week.  I had posted a blog about it and have taken it down as I think it was sort of an off-topic rant that doesn't really belong.  And there was nothing really going on with the pregnancy last week... just plodding slowly towards the next milestone.

That's today.  25% done.  10 weeks in.  Woo hoo.  Shmily graduates to double digits!!  We also came out to my parents this weekend. 

We didn't expect too... I mean originally we did, but then my family screwed around with my carefully planned reveal by deciding that this weekend had too much going on and we would celebrate father's day next week along with my father's birthday.  I sulked a little because I was getting excited about telling everyone....

Then my mom learned about a furniture sale near us.  College Woodwork furniture is made a college not too far from where we are.  I frequent a garden centre on the same campus and my mom regularly makes a drive to visit us and buy plants there too.  On Friday she took me out for lunch and then went to the greenhouse and was given a pamphlet for this sale.  So Sunday morning we went to look...

We bought a crib.

See, we didn't mean to... but the sale was so good... This gorgeous bed, made from solid wood, regularly nearly $2000 he offered to us for $600... we walked away with a dresser, change table, day bed conversion kit, double bed conversion kit and crib for $1300.  And it is beautiful. 

Well we didn't exactly walk away with it... see none of it would fit into our tiny compact cars... so we had to call my parents and see if they wanted to join us for dinner, oh and maybe could we use their van to pick up some furniture.  I tried to be evasive when they asked what we bought... my dad swears he knew it was a crib.

They came to our house and my husband and I vibrated with excitement wanting to tell them.  Before they had even sat down we thrust a father's day gift into my father's hand.  "And, we liked it so much we got you one too mom!" I smiled brightly, trying to hide my nerves.

My mom looked at me as she saw it was a GRandmother's journal... she cocked her head at me when she read "Please return by Jan, 2014".  I nodded, slightly, and she started to cry.    My dad kept looking at the note, "Is this trying to tell us something".  I don't think he wanted to sound too pushy.

The problem is now, we have to reveal to my siblings (worst of all my sister!) that we already told my parents when we see them next weekend... and we have to figure out HOW to tell them now.  The words "I'm pregnant" still get caught in my throat.

I have another doctor's appt this afternoon, I am hoping i get to hear Shmilys heart, that would make my day. 


  1. How did the appointment go?

    Congrats on a successful reveal! And the crib. Looking forward to seeing pics, once it's all set up!

  2. The appt was good... they didn't even pull out the doppler though... damn I want to hear the heart beat!

  3. Double digits - wahoo! So excited for you. I just realized that you are just about the same timeline as my sister.

    How exciting that you got such a great deal on the baby furniture. And finally spilled the beans to your parents! Does it feel like it's getting more and more real? So awesome.

    1. It feels weird actually... It still doesn't feel real. I thought i would "feel" pregnant.. but I still don't know what "feeling pregnant" feels like. I feel more hungover than pregnant.

      yes, I realized during your blog about your sisters reveal that she was going to be due around the same time as me... it made me acutely aware that we hadn't told our families yet and we are really dragging our feet on that. We'll tell the rest of my family on Saturday.... my nephew is going to be over the moon.

  4. Congratulations! That is so exciting. It seems like just yesterday I read about your pregnancy whilst doing the ICLW rounds. That is such a lovely story about how you told your parents. Just wonderful.

    1. Thank you Ana. BTW... in case you come back here... I love your blog... but it won't let me post anonymously on your blog. It reveals my real name and links to my google plus account.