Sunday, 24 March 2013


For some reason my netflix viewing has become corrupted by my constant thoughts about making babies, infertility and ivf.  So far this week I have watched Jennifer Lopez and her transvaginal wand appointment in "The Backup Plan", Heather Graham deliver a board presentation through her labour in "Baby on Board" (ok, technically this was an accidental pregnancy and that like... never happens, at least not for me) and Tina Fey and her hilarious T-shaped uterus in "Baby Mama".
I am not sure if these movies are making me feel better about the appointment or worse. But every single movie has a happy ending.  Jennifer Lopez gets impregnated on her very first IUI, and Amy Pohler ends up carrying her own baby and Tina Fey's T-shaped uterus somehow manages to support life. 
I also am not sure that it is the best source for my ivf advice - at least not where the statistics are concerned.
What's even worse is since I get these suggestions like "based on your viewing of violent TV (Dexter and Walking Dead) shows we recommend..." or based on your viewing of quirky TV (Bones and Early Edition) shows we recommend...."  Now I am getting messages that say "Based on your complete obsession with shows portraying IVF and pregnancy we recommend that you watch"... or words to that effect.
There are the documentaries "Babies", "Pregnant in America" and "The Business of being Born" which I might have to watch next.  Then again, that might be looking too far ahead.  I have a tendency to day dream about crossing the finish line and I don't even have my shoes on yet.
There's a made for TV movie on the Dionne Quintuplets... for any non-Canadians this is a family that had 5 babies in the 1930's.  A heartbreaking story of what being the world's first reality show family was really like.  
It does have suggestions for me that includes "The Babymakers", which i had never heard of but with a plot like "Distressed by his failure to impregnate his wife, a devoted married man hires an oddball group of thieves to steal his long-ago sperm bank donations" how could i lose?

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