Wednesday, 13 March 2013

What do you want first... the Good news or the Bad news?

So the first batch of tests are back on me.  And there is good news and bad news.  Actually, from a fertility point most of it is good news.  I have the ovarian reserve of a 31 - 35 year old.  Woot!!  Joyous happiness!!  I don't think i could ask for much better.  My FSH is 6, my AMH is 3.53.  I barely know what those letters mean let alone the numbers attached to them, but I was told first things first that's good.

FSH is follicle stimulating hormone.  So what does that tell me... well the follicle I know is where the egg comes out.  And if FSH is too high then it means that your body is trying overcome the fact that you aren't ovulating by really, really, really trying to ovulate.  In fact if you aren't ovulating regularly then it is early menopause.  So, for me, it's a good sign.

Then there's the AMH.  AMH = Anti Mulleriam Hormone.  Can I digress for a minute to tell you how absolutely impossible this test was to have done?  It needs to be done on a specific day of the cycle.  Day three as it turns out.  Which, on the cycle where we had the blood work done fell on a Saturday.  Ok, no problem.  As soon as I knew it was going to fall on a weekend i scoped out the closest blood clinic that was open on the weekend.  There was one LifeLabs near us that was going to be open until 5pm.  Perfect.  Hoping to avoid the early morning "i have to have this lab done fasting" rush we took our time... enjoying a lovely day without work.  We pull up to the clinic at about 11:40.  5 hours and 20 minutes to spare.... except that the AMH test is an unusual test, no every lab does it.... in fact lifelabs doesn't do it at all.  Armed with my smartphone i start trying to find a lab that does do it and one that is open weekends.  Gamma Labs, 15 minutes away... closes at noon.  We don't make it.  So now what....

My mother suggests we try the emergency room at our local hospital.... so we go, sit amongst the ill and wait our turn to ask the question... and nope, they don't do the AMH either.  Our last chance.  A hospital in the next city over, downtown does the test.  We grab some lunch and head over.  It took three hours of waiting.  Our nice leisurely Saturday turned into a visit through 4 cities and towns, 2 emergency rooms and finally a blood draw.  So may I say, with great pleasure i received the news that I have the ovarian reserve of a 31 - 35 year old.  It makes it all worth while. 

But, of course, the bad news.  First, in case they ever see this, let me start by saying that i love my in-laws.  They are kind and nice and funny and smart... but they do this one really dumb thing.  They are conscientious objectors of the MMR vaccine - well all vaccines, but the bad news includes the MMR vaccine.  We've always known this and planned that when we welcomed our sweet bundle of joy into our life we would be forced to stay away from our family until our sweet bundle of joy could be vaccinated.  But my blood tests revealed that despite having a booster shot only 5 years ago I am still not immune to any of the measles, the mumps or rubella.  Which means i can't offer my baby protection while living inside my body.... And all three viruses do really bad things to babies in utero
Oh yeah, and to make things even worse people vacationing have brought measles back, and public health is issuing a warning this week for doctor's to be on the look out for people with measles.

so... how soon do we start staying away from our in-laws?  Before we even start the IVF process, just to keep me safe?  Or do we wait until our $5000 egg cycle is underway, which could be months. 

And how do we navigate the holidays without destroying the family love....  it all makes the great ovarian reserve seem a little less great.

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